"Not only does Minna have a unique and distinctive visual style, her work has an uncanny ability to be admired by all walks of life. Her interest in working with public spaces is adherent to the accessibility of her work. Minna’s contribution to the Melbourne arts scene is significant and I believe she is one to keep both eyes on."
– Bec Capp, Founder & Curator at Junior Space 

"When I think of my home turf of regional north east Victoria, I conjure vivid memories of collecting bark from heavily vegetated roadsides, walking through scratchy fields of dry grass, avoiding flocks of aggressive magpies and finding new dirt roads that lead to private land that I was too young to understand did not belong to Mother Nature herself. Upon viewing Minna’s work for the first time in a gallery setting, I became obsessed with picking out recognisable motifs that I felt sure were shared memories; those same strands of dry grass, the dogs that wandered the paddocks, and the same late-night get-togethers at our local community hall. 
The rendering of humans and animals as one and the same, as well as the literal stacking and surrounding of plant life around them speaks to the integrity of the artist’s connectedness to the world around her. In spending time viewing Minna’s work, I experienced the joy of the playful compositions, the calm of the modest forms that fit together, and the pride of seeing my home and our Australian landscape honoured in such sincerity.” 
Petra Nicel, Arts Support Coordinator at Montsalvat