Honeysuckle Creek Track

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Honeysuckle Creek Track


Original painting
Acrylic on stretched linen
Signed on the back
61 x 51 cm
Packaged to guarantee safe arrival

100% of the proceeds going towards the Strathbogie Sustainable Forest group

Separated from the great dividing range, the Strathbogie ranges of North-East Victoria represent a unique island of habitat. Over the past 150 years, 74% of the regions native forest has been cleared, making the remaining 26% a crucial sanctuary for threatened and endangered species. Not only does the Strathbogie forest contain a high density of old growth and biodiverse vegetation, it is also home to a significant number of threatened and endangered animal species such as the Eastern Pygmy Possum, Brush-tailed Phascogale and the Powerful Owl. The Strathbogie forest is also home to the greatest known density of the iconic Greater Glider in all of Australia, further establishing this as an area of high ecological value.

Despite it’s significance, much of the Strathbogie forest remains unprotected by law, leaving it vulnerable to industrial logging. Recently, Vicforests (a state owned business) began a commercial logging operation of the Strathbogie forest, placing enormous strain on the regions ecological stability and a question mark on its future survival.

Thankfully there has been strong community opposition to the operation, and fundraising efforts so far have been successful. But there is a long road ahead and plenty more funding required. This is a cause very close to my heart so 100% of the funds generated from the sale of these paintings will go directly to the Strathbogie Sustainable Forest group to support their efforts in ensuring the protection of this beautiful part of the world.

For more info, head to strathbogiesustainableforests.wordpress.com or ‘Our Strathbogie Forest’ on FB.

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